Questiion on list

Roman Yakovenko romany at
Thu Jun 27 01:54:22 EDT 2002

import string
lst = ['a','b','c', 'a']
mapCount = {}

for word in lst:
    if not mapCount.has_key(string.lower(word)):
        mapCount[string.lower(word)] = 0
    mapCount[string.lower(word)] += 1
print mapCount

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Subject: Questiion on list

I got the list of words now i want to calculate how many word in that
list which is the same word (insensitive case),can anyone show me how to do
it for example ls = ['abc','cd','abc','adf',abc','dwc','cd']
it will show abc = 3 ,cd = 2, adf = 1, dwc=1

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