Using Python to script a game?

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Mon Jun 17 09:45:04 CEST 2002

I did a Game Developers Conference talk on using Python in games.
Our company (Humongous Entertainment's) decided to move to it as
our scripting language for all games (weaning ourselves off of a ten
year dependence on 'SCUMM'). I made a list of all of the games I
could find that were using Python. The list is:

Freedom Force
Blade of Darkness
Frequency (PS2)
Game Blender (game engine)
PyGame (game engine)
MindLathe (AI middleware)
All future Humongous PC/Macintosh games

There are some big games in that list.

Ultima Online 2 was also rumoured to be using Python.

For those who are interested, the article and power point slides can be
found at:

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> >Yes. And it would be a pretty good match, too. There's even been a
> >commercial game that uses Python for internal scripting, its name
> >escapes me, though.
> Blade of Darkness.  It's a first-person shooter, too, so that ought to
> be all the evidence needed to prove that Python is fast enough.
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