newbie system() question

Dan Larsen dl at
Sun Jun 9 20:30:25 CEST 2002

Hi Donn.
Thanx for your answer.

> try "stty tostop",
I haven't try this, coz I got around the problem with a nasty, but working
hack :o)
I just made a sh script, that started the program, this works fine :o)

> The redirection syntax "program >& /dev/null &" won't help in system(),
> because it isn't valid for the Bourne shell.
Isn't Bourne shell, the same as sh?
It works for me to do it, in the standard shelle (sh)...

Anyways... It works for now, so I'll try it out later :o)
Thank you very much for you suggestions

Dan Larsen

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