another near-sighted, time-wasting syntax enhancement idea

Chris Liechti cliechti at
Fri Jun 7 00:31:13 CEST 2002

idot at (Carl Banks) wrote in 
news:e395b886.0206051956.5f447e9b at
> class BigLongClassThatRunsUntilEOF::
> def __init__ (self):
>     pass
> def whatever (self):
>     pass
> ...
> Two colons after the class (or whatever) definition means the block
> continues until EOF and is not indented.  Good for big, long classes
> that take up a whole module.  Been suggested before, I'm sure.

i don't see any advantages for that. it's a very suptile difference almost 
not viewable those "::", it makes code bad readable.
doesn't your editor has auto indentation? don't use notepad an switch to a 
real editor <wink>.


Chris <cliechti at>

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