different gui-toolkits pros/cons...

Gerhard Häring gerhard at bigfoot.de
Mon Jun 3 12:11:48 EDT 2002

Markus Jais wrote in comp.lang.python:
> with pyQT there might be problems with the license
> if you want to make your programm freely available

No, there are only problems when you legally want to use GPL'd Python
modules with it and want to distribute the result of your effort.
There is a "free for noncommercial use" edition of Qt/win32 that
should be fine for most in-house projects and for most other use
cases, too.

Qt/X11 is available under the GPL, which might be an ok license for
many people. Those that don't find the GPL and its implications
acceptable can buy a commercial Qt license. AFAIR, for PyQt use, the
Blackadder IDE includes such a license.

> pyGTK might be faster, because wxWindows is AFAIK an additional
> layer on top of Gtk. but only in Unix/Linux platforms, AFAIK

We had that discussion recently. If your algorithm isn't bad, it's
very unlikely that a GUI toolkit will be "too slow". Unless it is
Swing or maybe Tkinter ;-)

> pyGtk seems to be pretty fast, but I have made no tests

Define "fast". PyGTK loads a lot faster than wxPython or PyQt. AFAIC,
this is because PyQt and wxPython wrap _all_ of a very large toolkit,
that both (wxWindows and Qt) even include a lot of non-GUI stuff. This
might be solved by trying to split the one shared library into many
small ones, that are loaded on demand.

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