Can python have lib to display PDF ?

Gillou nospam at
Tue Jun 18 07:09:45 EDT 2002

I'm afraid there's no "pythonic" solution for displaying.
You can run acrobat reader or ghostview from a python script.
If you're running a Win32 box, and are a lucky owner of an Adobe Acrobat
licence, you should inspect the COM objects exposed by this application. If
there are solutions, here they are.
AFAIK, the - excelent - reportlab library does not provide features for
changing an existing PDF.


"coolmenu" <menucool at> a écrit dans le message news:
a6a2957e.0206180246.511fb932 at
> i want a python application to display end edit pdf.
> where are the lib pdf for python?
> thank

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