Python and Windows XP

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Wed Jun 26 03:15:11 EDT 2002

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> Hello all,
>    I apologise for this newbie question, but I use Windows XP and
> wonder how I
> can open a shell session to use Python?  There used to be the DOS command
> option, but now...
> --
> Marc

If it's like Windows 2000, either the command promt has to be added to the
start menu, or it's been relegated to Start | Accessories or a sub menu of
Accessories (and the parachute is in the baggage compartment for your
convenience). If, at the Start | Run prompt, you can enter "cmd /c" and you
get a dos box, then you can probably go to c:\winnt\system32, find cmd.exe,
create a shortcut (select, ctrl-c, ctrl-v), drag it onto the desktop and
rename it - and from there onto your start menu if you want it there. I
found that I could drag it into the left end of the taskbar and have it show
up as a mini-icon that single clicks to a dos box.


Dave LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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