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> When i go to tools/debug and the ms-dos prompt start appears ,  an
> error message appears , anyone knows why?

Which item in the Debug menu are you choosing?  What's the error?

I believe ActiveState says to start a debug run with Step Into or Step
Through, not the other options (just checked this, it's only true if Visual
Studio .NET was not an upgrade to Visual Studio version 6).  However, I
haven't had a problem using Start (and my installation was not an upgrade).
But then again, I'm running it with Python 2.2, which isn't tested, so I'm
breaking all sorts of rules, it seems.

You don't have to run in a shell, you know.  You change that in the
project's properties.  And that's where you also tell it which module to run
at start, which had me baffled for a while, I have to admit.  In the project
properties dialog, un-check "Run in shell window" to get rid of the prompt
where your error is occurring.  Not that that'll fix the error, of course...


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