Tkinter help on MacOSX please.

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Sat Jun 8 19:09:13 CEST 2002

On 6/8/02 1:27 AM, in article 1fdga3f.1kt9ridf2v94yN%yvon.thoraval at,
"Yvon Thoraval" <yvon.thoraval at> wrote:

> SA <sarmstrong13 at> wrote:
>> I've installed python, tcl, tk on my MacOSX 10.1.5 system using the
>> --enable-frameworks configuration. I have a framework for tcl,tk,and python
>> under my /Library/Frameworks directory.
> i've read somewhere that tkinter isn't - yet - compatible with Carbon ,
> don't know if that apllies to os X but to os 9 for sure !
That is not wholly correct. I know Tkinter works in OSX and Apple is
supporting it. You may be correct about OS9, but my problem is getting the
Apple version of Tcl/TK to work with Python's Tkinter module in OSX. I can
run the "Wish Shell" app in OSX and run a tcl program that calls the correct
widgets in Tk for OSX (ie Tk.framework), but I can't get Python's Tkinter
module to recognize the Tk libsand headers in Tk.framework. Part of the
problem is that I do not fully grasp the Apple frameworks idea.

Anyways, the main issue is that I can't get Python, from the command, line
to interface with TK properly. The error pops up in _tkinter in the Tkinter
module. Any help would be most appreciated.


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