Python and HTML frames

Ken ken at
Sat Jun 1 06:12:16 EDT 2002

How do I output HTML onto frames? This code below doesn't work. Can someone
help me?


def mainpagelayout():
        print """
        <head><title>Languages Dictionary</title></head>

        <frameset rows="70,40,*" scroll=no frameborder="NO" border="0">
        <frame src="title.html" name=Title scrolling=no noresize>
        <frame src="topmenu2.html" name=TopMenu scrolling=no noresize>

        <frameset cols="*, 200" frameborder="NO" border="0">
        <frame src="main2.html" name=Main scrolling=auto>
        <frame src="sidemenu2.html" name=SideMenu scrolling=auto>
        </frameset> </frameset>

        <body>This page doesn't work without a frames-enabled

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