Python 2.2 __slots__ Bug?

Jonathan Hogg jonathan at
Wed Jun 26 12:57:09 EDT 2002

On 26/6/2002 16:23, in article
mailman.1025105074.31122.python-list at, "Glyph Lefkowitz"
<glyph at> wrote:

> Hmm.  Sprinkling print statements about shows it dying on the 'del' (this is
> how I encountered the bug originally, I was trying to time the [de]allocation
> of large numbers of objects under 2.1 vs. 2.2), but the stacktrace is still
> the
> same; is there some difference between the way allocation works on OS X
> vs. Linux? (I assume if you can run OS X we're using the same hardware.)
>> This seems to fail for me at 5430 objects. I couldn't get the allocation to
>> crash at all (or at least up to a million objects, after which I got bored).
> Yep, same here.  Allocation is no problem.

I'm not sure about allocation differences, but if I up the stacksize limit
then I can run the example up to much higher numbers of objects. I think
it's basically a flaw in the deallocation mechanism. I don't understand
enough about the __slots__ stuff to know why it should only affect that.

No-one else seems to have noted it as a known bug, so I'd guess it's fair to
log it to Sourceforge as a new one (besides which there's no harm in
duplication). If you can't get it logged, let me know and I'll have a go


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