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Bill Tate wrote:
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>>I am looking for some information on the basics of audio streaming, or
>>any sort of data streaming really.


> A typical model used in network programming is to use one thread per
> socket.   For you situation, you may wish to consider an alternative
> to threads that is lighter-weight, can be instantiated quickly and
> which can be stopped and restarted with ease.  If you will be
> processing many client requests for different audio files, you might
> check out the story behind the reincarnation of stackless (and
> continuations in particular).  Continuations offer some advantages
> well suited to media streaming.  They are extremely lightweight, can
> be quickly instantiated, there is no "real" limit on their numbers,
> they can be stopped and restarted with ease, and work extremely well
> with sockets.  I can't speak to how the reinvented stackless works
> with python 2.2 but others may have suggestions on other alternatives.
>  At the very lest, its would be worth familarizing yourself with the
> background on stackless and why it was created.

Saw this message a little late...

Stackless is going to support async I/O for a wide range of
operating systems. This is the next major goal to achieve.
Currently, we are trying to design a most protable, but
also most effective solution. Using kqueue where it is
available, falling back to select where necessary...

ciao - chris

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