I'd give up Perl tomorrow if only...

Derek Thomson derek at wedgetail.com
Fri Jun 21 12:43:39 CEST 2002

Paul Rubin wrote:
> Derek Thomson <derek at wedgetail.com> writes:
>>Among other things, it's one of the reasons I'm tinkering with a Perl ORB.
> Wow, that sounds cool.
>>Yes, it's stop-gap, but when you already have a non-trivial Perl
>>module, either on CPAN or in-house, it can save a lot of
>>rewriting. What we *really* need to do is dynamically create CORBA
>>interfaces for Perl modules, but that might be impossible given that
>>Perl is like Python in that module and class interfaces aren't
>>pre-declared :(
> Why not some more dynamic remote object protocol instead of messing
> with Corba?

Like what, exactly? There's nothing that I've heard of.

Anyway, you've just described CORBA :)

It supports "dynamic [interfaces and invocations]", "remote [calls]", 
and "objects". Yes you have to define IDL, but given the nature of Perl 
you can't avoid laying down the interface spec *somehow*, so it might as 
well be with something well-defined and standardized.


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