ANN: Pure Python strptime()

Skip Montanaro skip at
Mon Jun 3 23:42:33 EDT 2002

    Brett> Do I ... change the time module into a Python module with the
    Brett> current module renamed _time and then just have a stub module to
    Brett> globally import the _time module?

Yes, that's the usual technique used to get a mixed Python/C module into the
standard library.

    Brett> Do I just need to convince Guido to include it?  

I've heard that often helps. ;-)

    Brett> I have posted this as a patch at SF (patch #474274), but I am
    Brett> wondering if I have to do anything that I just previously
    Brett> mentioned on top of this.  Any guidance on this would be helpful.

You just did it.  I assigned it to myself and will try to take a look at it.

(I don't suppose you have a unit test for this beast laying about do you?)

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