Where can I find .join() in the docs

Kragen Sitaker kragen at pobox.com
Sat Jun 1 15:23:24 EDT 2002

"Emile van Sebille" <emile at fenx.com> writes:
> Michael Chermside
> > Specifically, I went to the Python Library Reference (which you will
> > find stashed under your pillow), Chapter 2 (built-in stuff), then went
> > to the section on sequences (which Strings are) and the page on
> Strings.
> ...which illustrates a difficulty for a newbie... knowing it's 'built-in
> stuff' then further knowing that strings are classified under
> sequences...

Yeah, what I did is I read straight through the Language Reference the
first time (didn't understand much, but kind of got the lay of the
land) and eventually learned that the index of the Library Reference
was the place to look for such things.  It took me a while to stop
looking in the Language Reference for things like methods of lists.

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