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> hi, id like to make a python script that use socket raw,

erhm.. raw sockets are mostly very hard to use and if you
want to spoof packets you can *of course* not receive the
responding packets, unless you're on the same segment
and are sniffing.

> i found the btk
> module but it cant handle received packets,

you can use the pcap() class in the btk module. the parsing
part still sucks but you can have the whole binary packet
date in your hands

> it's really a good module but
> useful only to send,

thanks :)
At the moment I'm rewriting in fact the whole billy the kid
module because it was badly and fast written. It's now more
transparent, portable and so. Support for more protocols
is going to be added including some (if it's even possible??)
socket class merging the pcap() and btk() classes together.
This will create a raw socket implementation but it'll be a very
hard job to make it a good one handling just as normal sockets.

> anyone could help me ?
> bye


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