Module Help

Thomas Guettler zopestoller at
Thu Jun 27 09:14:14 EDT 2002

Juan M. Casillas wrote:

> Hello!
> 	I want to create an empty module from C, and then add
> 	functions and definitions stored in another file, and
> 	some code that I will create on-the-fly, from C.

I don't understand you. Want to you mean with "from C"?
Why not use python for code generating?

> 	The basic problem I have is that I don't know how to create the
> 	empty module (this module doesn't have any representation
> 	in the filesystem) and then how can I add the code and
> 	save the "environment" for this newly created module, how
> 	can I manage the globals and locals dictionaries ? for
> 	each module ?

Do you want to create a text file containing python code, or
create it at runtime dynamically?


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