Compiling Python

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Jun 6 04:38:25 CEST 2002

TuxTrax wrote:
> On Wed, 05 Jun 2002 10:44:43 -0400, Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
> > TuxTrax wrote:
> >> My question is this; I realize that Python compiles to bytecode automatically
> >> as part of the interpreters tokenization run, but is there a way to permanently
> >> compile python code outputting to an executable binary?
> >
> > Why do you want to do that?  For presumably increased speed, or because
> > you don't want the hassle of multiple .py files all over the place (in
> > other words, better packaging)?

> Packaging is a thought, but speed (so far) isn't an issue, as python is pretty
> fast IMHO.

Okay, no probs.  I was concerned that you might have wanted a speedup,
and with the answers like "py2exe" you would not see that speedup 
because all they really do is bundle everything together with 
"frozen" bytecode and a copy of the interpreter...


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