I'd give up Perl tomorrow if only...

Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering at gmx.de
Fri Jun 21 06:03:16 EDT 2002

* David Mitchell <djmitchell at NOSPAM.optushome.com.au> [2002-06-21 19:27 +1000]:
> .. there was something equivalent in scope and breadth to CPAN.

You'll have to wait some more time for this. I'm pretty disappointed
that http://sf.net/projects/pythonsiphon didn't progress in the last
months. (I'm subscribed to the mailing lists and contributed a patch
that's not applied, yet).

Also jafo did some great work which (he told me on IRC) he sent to the
pythonsiphon maintainer.

> However, I'm probably equally proficient in Perl, and Perl has this
> incredible resource in CPAN.

I think the main point of CPAN is the automagical installation, that
pythonsiphon tries to bring to Python.

As for a searchable database, there's the Vaults of Parnassus, and the
Python modules category at dmoz.org/directory.google.com/you.name.it.

> For just about any library module I've ever
> wanted, I can download one or more modules from CPAN that gets me 90% of the way
> there.  Perl modules like DBI/DBD, SOAP::Lite, GD::Graph, MQSeries::*,
> Tie::*, Convert::EBCDIC,

No idea what Tie::* is, but EBCDIC sounds easy to implement, should it
not exist already, I haven't heard of an MQSeries binding for Python,
but I've personally used Python libraries for the first three items, and
they worked well.

> If there was only some way to subclass Perl/CPAN modules as Python
> modules

PyPerl exists. That's all I can say to that (never used it myself), as
my brain is incompatible with Perl.

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