Simple pychecker question

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Jun 9 03:04:09 EDT 2002

Neal Norwitz wrote:
> I personally think that superfluous use of named args are bad,
> but that the feature is good when used properly.  For example,
> with your code above, calling f(f=2) would be better written
> f(2).  However for Tkinter, named args can be useful when there
> are a bunch of parameters and you only want to use the last.

For a routine named and structured like this:

  def transmit(data, timeout=1.0):

which of the following would you say was the better call
in some code that might be remote from that definition

1.  transmit('this is a string', 5)

2.  transmit('this is a string', timeout=5)

My point: named arguments can increase readability and 
maintainability.  That's not superfluous, to me.


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