string generator

Gustavo Cordova gcordova at
Mon Jun 3 13:57:51 EDT 2002

> I like to create a list of file automatical based on series. 
> For example
> user input the number of file say 5. So i want to generate the file 
> according to this range , this mean the generated files could be 
> filename1
> filename2
> filename3
> filename4
> filename5
> I using the for loop like that
> for file in range(5):
>         lis = [file]
>         string.join('filename',lis[1:])
> how can it didn't work. I am confusing how to do it.

Yeah, but where do you wanna put your results?

You could also:

FNs = ["filename%d" % i for i in range(5)]

or also you could:

FNs = map(lambda i:"filename%d" % i, range(5))

or many other variations thereof.

Good luck!


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