Getting Tkinter to accept cyrillic text

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Tue Jun 11 14:55:08 CEST 2002

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DR <ypoi at> wrote:
>I need Tkinter entry and label widgets to support cyrillic letters
>(koi8-r). I read in some post that you should change
>sys.setdefaultencoding(), but that method doesn't exist in my Python
>(I use version 2.2.1) -Has this feature been changed or is my
>installation bad? Also there is this locale.setlocale() thing. What
>effect does changing it have?
>I really would appreciate some kind of checklist, like: Do this, then
>change that, then evereything works! Or a patch or something (Win95)
>Is there any comprahensive recource for this type of problem? I've
>only found some scattered posts so far.
Tcl/Tk folks have gotten rather good with Cyrillic
(see <URL: > and <URL: >, for example.  I
haven't begun to apply this to Tkinter.  Good luck.

Cameron Laird <Cameron at>

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