Python hits the spot

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Jun 22 19:04:25 EDT 2002

Siegfried Gonzi wrote:
> Roman Suzi wrote:
> > It's no wonder that 1000 lines of uncommented code behave like that, taking
> > into account that you were trying to integrate several (Tcl/Tk, Fortran, C,
> > Python) systems in a hurry, and, I presume, not knowing most of them.
> I am up to the point where you made my day (really). Are you sure do you
> know what you are talking about?

Roman knows exactly what he's talking about, and a large number of 
people here would agree with him, not with you.  Why do you think 
that might be?  Hint: it's not because you're blaming Python and 
we're just being defensive.  There's another reason.

Christian's reply was very to the point here: you are using 
tools that are _very_ well tested and do not exhibit the 
unreliability you attribute to them for 99.999% of other 
users.  The logical explanation is that it _is_ your own
code that is at fault, or the way you have assembled the
components together.  

Would you like us to help you narrow down the source of the problem, 
or have you already made up your mind what it must be, and refuse 
to accept that it might not be Python, or Linux, or even Windows 
which is at fault?  There are people here with decades of
experience solving more difficult problems than this.  Maybe
you'll let them help you?  (If so, you can start by stopping
the comments about "garbage software" and Python "wreaking havoc".
You might note that, in spite of your initial comment, no one 
_else_ is ranting.)


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