prototyping good OOdesign in Python?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at
Tue Jun 4 23:31:06 EDT 2002

>>>>> "Timothy" == Timothy Delaney <Delaney> writes:

    Timothy> Unfortunately, this will only work for 1 or 2 projects
    Timothy> ... after that they will *expect* you to bring everything
    Timothy> in under time and budget ... but by then the time and
    Timothy> budget is massively reduced because of the great results
    Timothy> you've brought in ...

Of course, if your managers figure that out in only one or two
projects, you take your raise in stock.  If they're dumb enough not to
understand that the third project is a little late and over budget
because they've underestimated the needs, you take a short position
... and project 4 is massively over budget because you spent all the
time working on your resume.<wink>

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