Associating a C++ class with a Python class

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I would read the following link

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> Subject: Associating a C++ class with a Python class
> I would like to add a new class type to my embedded python 
> engine and I would like this class to wrap an exisiting C++ 
> class instance. All of the examples I have found are more 'c 
> implementation' than 'c wrappers', meaning that the python 
> instance is not associated with an different c++ class. The 
> methods of the python class will just be straight calls 
> through to the C++ class.
> These classes will only be created from C, so I am basically 
> looking for a way to stuff a pointer to my C++ class into the 
> python object. I guess I could have a map of PyObject->C++ 
> class, but I was hoping there was a cleaner way to accompish 
> this task. Is there a standard way to do this? Am I missing 
> something obvious?
> Thanks-
> John
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