Python and SQL Server 2000

Dave Moor python at
Mon Jun 17 07:45:20 EDT 2002

kzaragoza at (Kris J. Zaragoza) wrote in message news:<slrnagn75g.263.kzaragoza at localhost.localdomain>...
> My first instinct on seeing this reply was to point out that win32com
> doesn't run on Red Hat Linux. :-) Then I got to thinking a bit more
> about it and realized this may actually be possible.
> So, let me add to the original poster's question: Has anyone ever
> tried running the Windows version of Python (either the main
> distribution or ActiveState's) under Wine to take advantage of the
> database drivers, etc.?

Another solution is to write a simple pair of client/server socket
apps.  The server is passed and executes sql on the windows using COM
or ODBC.  Then pass the results using the struct module back to the


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