Version strings in executable created by Py2exe

Jimmy Retzlaff jimmy at
Tue Jun 4 00:56:47 CEST 2002

Robert L. Oelschlaeger writes:
> > Robert L. Oelschlaeger [mailto:roelsch at] wrote:
> > > Running with Python 2.2. I've created myAppName.exe using 
> > Py2exe, with
> > > the "version_companyname" and "version_legalcopyright" specified
> > > the setup .cfg file as follows:
> > ...
> > > Why are the version_companyname and version_legalcopyright 
> > strings not
> > > installed for the "Company Name" and "Copyright"?
> > 
> > "version" should be followed by a dash rather than an underscore.
> > for example, you should use "version-companyname" rather than
> > "version_companyname".
> > 
> > Jimmy
> I tried the name change, but it didn't help: still no 'Company Name'
> 'Copyright' strings in the resulting .exe file.
> I think there is a documentation problem:
>     the example at
>     hypenated names, but
>     the names in py2exe/ are the underscored names (e.g.,
>     self.version_companyname).

Probing a little deeper, it appears as if either - or _ should work.
>From the part of distutils which parses setup.cfg:

opt = string.replace(opt, '-', '_')

Here is a part of my setup.cfg (of course the word-wrapping is not in
the file):

version-companyname = Aver Development Corporation
version-legalcopyright = Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Aver Development
Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
version-filedescription = Alchemist
version-fileversion =
version-legaltrademarks = Alchemist is a Trademark of Aver Development
version-productname = Alchemist
version-productversion =

All of those version strings end up in my exe (i.e., I can see them all
if I get properties on the exe from explorer and go to the version tab).
I'm using Python 2.2.1 and py2exe 0.3.3. I know I've been doing this
successfully since Python 2.2 and since the first version of py2exe that
supported Windows version resources. Which version of py2exe are you
using? Anything out of the ordinary? Are you using the standard binary
distributions of Python and py2exe? Maybe you could post your setup.cfg
file verbatim?


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