GOTO w/ Python?

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> > There's no equivalent of a goto command in Python, for good reason,
> > which I won't repeat here. Prof. Djikstra did it very well in 1974,
> > in his letter "Goto Considered Harmful."
> The good old Djikstra! You know, some years ago in another newsgroup I
> so many posts referring to some computer scientist called 'Djikstra',
> started to doubt myself and had to confirm that he really is called
> 'Dijkstra'.
> Now I realize that there is a Djikstra, and a Dijkstra as well.
> is an evil clone of Dijkstra, which the Python Secret Underground is
> keeping on ice in case they need any evil clones.

Given the Professor's reputation as somewhat of a
curmudgeon, wouldn't that be an identity function?

Sorry about the misspelling.

John Roth
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