python version?

George Hester hesterloli at
Tue Jun 18 16:45:25 EDT 2002

Jesus if that is all it is why the runaround?  You may think I'm impolite but to
ask what looks as though a simple question and have it take 21 responses and
demands that I learn the language NOW something is very wrong with you people
that have answered.  Thanks for peoviding what I asked for.  Let's see if it
works.  If it don't then I suspect the runaround continues.

George Hester
"Duncan Booth" <duncan at> wrote in message
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> "George Hester" <hesterloli at> wrote in
> news:9YBP8.44418$GY.13865843 at
> > I think you guys don't how to do it.
> And I think you are one of the most impolite posters we have seen around
> here.
> Try this:
> <html>
> <head>
>   <title>Python Version</title>
> </head
> <body>
> <SCRIPT Language="Python" RUNAT=Server>
> import sys
> Response.Write(sys.version)
> </body>
> </html>
> --
> Duncan Booth                                             duncan at
> int month(char *p){return(124864/((p[0]+p[1]-p[2]&0x1f)+1)%12)["\5\x8\3"
> "\6\7\xb\1\x9\xa\2\0\4"];} // Who said my code was obscure?

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