Embedded Python script debugger???

nealj mwarden22 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 11 20:36:18 CEST 2002

That is exactly what I hope to do with Hap - you could start debugging
by importing the hapclient module.  The dll would still need to be
ported to CE but that shouldn't be too big of a hurdle, we are
planning a mac port in the near future.

"Brad Clements" <bkc at Murkworks.com> wrote in message news:<3ceceec6$1_3 at goliath.newsgroups.com>...
> I'm keeping an eye on HAP because I think it will be useful for debugging
> Python CE applications.
> The holdup is that I need a seperate .exe on the client to do this.
> What would be very interesting .. is a HAP client DLL that is also a Python
> module.
> So, from python I could instantiate a HAP client debug session (the HAP
> client module would create a new interpreter to do this).  Just need some
> options for hooking up debug output text so it could be sent back to the
> original interpreter if needed (rather than a console, because CE doesn't
> have a console).
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> "nealj" <mwarden22 at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> > Hap could be adapted to do this quite easily (in fact I will be doing
> > it in the next few weeks).  Currently, Hap uses an app that takes the
> > place of python.exe to execute the python scripts.  This app handles
> > the socket and the debugging stuff - instead of "hapclient.exe", it
> > could just as easily be your application that gets run.
> >
> > My plan is to repackage the code in the app to make this easier - then
> > all you would have to do is to link to a dll and you're off.  Keep an
> > eye on the Hap site on sourceforge - there will be important and
> > interesting updates coming soon.
> >
> > If you are intersted in trying it out, get the source from SourceForge
> > (its currently only there in .zip format) and take a look at
> > ConsoleEmbed.cpp in the HapClient directory - you'll see it doesn't
> > really do much other than setup the debugging and run the script.  Let
> > me know if you have any questions - the best way to get in contact is
> > through the sourceforge email https://sourceforge.net/users/nealj/
> >
> > Good Luck!
> > Neal
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