Threading tutorial wanted.

Anoop P B anoop79 at
Thu Jun 13 10:06:05 CEST 2002

check this:
it may help

also, wxpython has threading support. but i dont know how good it is. 
see the wxpython demo for more info.

i too am in need of answers to ur other questions on when to use, how 
safe, memory consumption, how to get rich ;), etc.


Alex Polite wrote:
> Okidoki. My little webspider has reached the point where further
> optimization won't pay off. But my DSL pipe is not saturated by
> far. So I guess it's time for me to start looking into threads.
> I few minutes of googling on python + threads doesn't yield a
> lot. Maybe someone here can point me to a good primer. Maybe someone
> here can write a good primer.
> When is threading good, when is it bad? How much memory do they
> consume? Is it safe to let multiple threads use the same db
> connection? How safe is safe? How can I get rich?
> Stuff like that.

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