GOTO w/ Python?

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Mon Jun 24 10:47:14 EDT 2002

After skimming the linked page to get a feel for the CAME FROM statement, is
it conceptually different from short procedures?  Does the only difference
lie in the fact that for compiled languages one of the instances will be
inline?  I do understand that it would have some effect on variable scoping,
but this can be easily handled in other ways.

So what's the benefit that might outweigh the opacity of the code created?

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> Jerzy Karczmarczuk wrote:
> > (Oh, I adored that wonderful piece of programming madness, an "article"
> > where somebody proposed a new super-Fortran where GO TO was replaced by
> > CAME FROM statement, and the language had an inspiring non-deterministic
> > conditional:   If <<condition>> THEN WHAT?.
> > Any references, anybody?)
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