Suggestions for good programming practices?

Carl Banks imbosol at
Tue Jun 25 18:13:41 EDT 2002

brueckd at wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, Carl Banks wrote:
>> You seem to have this idea, based on this last paragraph, that a good
>> way to keep newbies from misusing eval and exec is to keep them in
>> ignorance.  I think that's absurd.  I don't know if you're just
>> grasping for arguments, because you previously seemed to think it's
>> best to explain WHY, as opposed to simply saying, "Don't do it."
> Um, what's absurd is how you reached that conclusion from the paragraph I
> wrote. <0.4 wink> I said that people WON'T get hurt if they are NOT
> ignorant - I'm advocating an explanation of risk in place of the
> categorical "stay away!".

What's really absurd is how you reached the conclusion that I reached
a conclusion when I only said, "you seem to." <wink>  So why did you
ask what kind of teacher calls a newbie's attention to eval?  You
seemed (not to be confused with "I have concluded") to have been
advocating ignorance.

Are you merely saying it's better to say nothing than to say, "don't
do this?"  Because I would disagree with that, too.

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