newbie system() question

James T. Dennis jadestar at
Sun Jun 16 18:37:06 EDT 2002

Dan Larsen <dl at> wrote:

> Hi all :o)
> ... Isn't there a function, where all output
> from the command, is parsed to a variable?

 I think you're thinking of popen()
 There are several versions of popen() depending on whether you 
 want the just one pipe (stdin or stdout) or a pair of pipes (one
 for input and another for output) a triplet of pipes (stdin,stdout,
 stderr) or a pair with stdout and stderr combined into one stream,

 There is also a popen2 module which allows you to subclass your
 own popen class and then use the poll() or wait() methods to retrieve
 the error/return code from the terminated subprocess.

> Thanx in advance :o)
> Dan Larsen

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