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Tim Roberts timr at
Sun Jun 2 22:50:26 EDT 2002

"John J. Lee" <jjl at> wrote:

>On Sun, 2 Jun 2002, Steve Holden wrote:
>> "Ken" <ken at> wrote:
>> > How do you call to a static HTML page from the script?
>> >
>> > <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="frame2a.html" target=_parent>
>> > This doesn't seem to be working..... Can someone help?
>> It really makes no sense to use method POST to access a static page. Using
>> method GET will probably owrk, though you will see the for contents in the
>> URL.
>Why doesn't it make sense?
>(following from memory, may be wrong)
>from urllib2 import urlopen
>from urllib import urlencode
>result = urlopen(url, urlencode(data))
>Sorry if this is no help -- I didn't see the original message.

How could you not see it?  It was part of your reply!  See the section that
starts "How do you call..."?  That is the original message.

What you posted is not a static HTML page.  It is a Python CGI script.
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