Python 2.2.1

Dean Goodmanson ponderor at
Fri Jun 14 03:20:30 EDT 2002

>     How do I set the path and what should the name of the path be? All 
> help and information would be appreciated. Thanks.:)
> --

Windows 9X -> Millenium get increasingly harder to setup environment

a. Autoexec.bat MAY work for you.

b. Typign MSCONFIG from your RUN menu (Start~Run, or Windows key+R)
will bring you to an environment configuratin screen.

c. These don't necesarily apply to the "DOS Mode" settings, which may
require you setting up another autoexec.bat.

d. The suggestions for using PythonWin are most appropriate.  

After rebuilding (for me this is re-installing OS+Formatting, not
simply reinstalling.) my PC and not installing it, I missed PythonWIN.
(But for a personal perspective training reason I want to use the
default tools, plus run PythonCard with fewer "environment" variables.
(Did you see the plug for PythonCard? If not here's a few more: 
Python-Tutor mailing list.  Useless Python web site. Google those.)) 
PythonWIN includes the doc's in Windows Style help. I find those a
handy in ways but prefer local HTML help files.  PyDoc is also handy( ).

How's that for vague cues?  I have Windows ME on my home laptop. Too
cheap to buy XP or take the time to install Linux and train myself and

Your question is most valid.  I searched the Windows help, google,, and finally got the answer from a friend trying to find
why my autoexec.bat changes didn't take affect, and the diamond in the
rough: MSCONFIG.


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