Numerical Methods in Python

Russ Dilley rddlog at
Sat Jun 22 13:01:47 EDT 2002

I am interested in the numerical capability of Python as well as it's
applicability to system administration  tasks. I am a thermal analyst and
deal rather extensive with numerical solutions to problems, such as
finite-difference methods, interpolation, and numerical integration. I
understand that there is a numerical package for Python called PyNum and was
wondering if anyone can give me any insight into the capacities of this

My dilemma is that I also have responsibilities in UNIX system
administration and it seems to me that I might be able to "kill two birds
with one stone" by learning the Python language. I currently use Perl and
Shell scripts for system admin tasks and a mixture of FORTRAN, C, MathCAD,
Matlab, and Excel for numerical work. As you might guess, it tends to get
confusing constantly jumping from one to another. The syntax and application
tends to blur and it is somewhat inefficient to "relearn" each to some
extent whenever I have a new task to address.

I would like to focus more attention to become proficient with a single
language and, based on what I've seen, it seems that Python might be
appropriate for use in system administration AND numerical programming.

Does anyone have any insight to the applicability of Python to either, or
both, of these tasks?

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