Bits and bytes?

Guyon Morée gumuz at
Thu Jun 13 07:39:26 EDT 2002

ok, really a lot of thanx for your help, this is awesome! :D

but, let me explain what i am actually trying to do here and why i think
both of your solutions won't work for me.

i am trying to implement my own sort of huffman encoding/compression.
converting asci-characters to a compressed bitstream requires me to write it
at bit-level. Bill's solution might work in some way, but my sequence of
bits aren't allways divideable by eight. a word like 'ape' (which is 3x8=24
bits) might become 1001101, which is 7 bits.... catch my drift? strings is
no option as this would have no positive effect on the 'real size' ;there's
no compression.

i hope this makes it a bit clearer for you. anyway, thanx a lot.


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