GOTO w/ Python?

Fernando Pérez fperez528 at
Wed Jun 19 20:00:14 EDT 2002

Gerhard Häring wrote:

>> I've always been curious. Why isn't the standard tutorial linked to here?
>> It seems like the obvious first link to have, no?
> Because it's not well suited for programming newbies?

Mmmhh, I'd disagree with that. Considering that it introduces all the data 
types and control structures one by one, nicely and slowly, I'd imagine many 
programming newbies could actually pick it up fairly well. Granted, by the 
time I read it I had been programming for many years and python was like my 
10th language, so I have a hard time judging it from a 'programming newbie' 
perspective. But I honestly think it's clear and slow-paced enough to be a 
good starting point for any newbie.

It could perhaps be included there with a simple comment like 'This tutorial 
may be a bit difficult to follow if you have zero previous programming 
experience in other languages. But if you know the basic concepts of computer 
programming, it will get you up to speed in python in half an afternoon.'



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