Python and SQL Server 2000

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In article <1bf96e7f.0206170345.515227c1 at>, Dave Moor wrote:
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>> So, let me add to the original poster's question: Has anyone ever
>> tried running the Windows version of Python (either the main
>> distribution or ActiveState's) under Wine to take advantage of the
>> database drivers, etc.?
> Another solution is to write a simple pair of client/server socket
> apps.  The server is passed and executes sql on the windows using COM
> or ODBC.  Then pass the results using the struct module back to the
> client.
> Dave

I don't like using this kind of relay to expose a database.  There are
too many security issues to address.  You end up having to roll your
own authentication and authorization mechanisms, figure out whether
masquerade database users or use the credentials given, and figure out
how best to encrypt data if appropriate.  Too much work, and far too
error prone if alternatives are available.  That's why I asked about
the feasibility of using Wine with the Windows version of Python.
Although it's a less than ideal solution, it could work in a pinch.
Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to try it out myself. :-(


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