pychecker + XEmacs

Thomas Heller theller at
Mon Jun 17 09:34:02 EDT 2002

"Boudewijn Rempt" <boud at> wrote in message news:3d0de483$0$3881$e4fe514c at
> Has anyone succeeded in combining pychecker and XEmacs (or emacs)? I'm
> checking a large project I began in 1999, and which is full of the most
> atrocious errors, and I'd like to click on the line that mention the error
> and be transported there, just like when you run a python program from
> XEmacs and get a stacktrace.
> --
> Boudewijn Rempt |

python-mode.el from CVS contains pychecker support.
C-c C-w runs 'pychecker --stdlib <current-python-file>',
and shows the results in a *compilation* window.
Then you can M-x next-error or M-x previous-error
to your hearts content.


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