Medium to Large Scale Python Deployments

Domenic R. Merenda dom at edgereport.put_a_c_o_m_here
Thu Jun 6 22:11:14 EDT 2002

   Yes, thank you.  I've been following this since 2000, and have looked at
using some of the code, but wasn't able to open source our work, and so
refrained for using theirs. :-)

Domenic R. Merenda
Editor, The Edge Report

"Stuart Quimby" <stuq at> wrote in message
news:34b82fda.0206061639.67964684 at
> You may be interested in the gnuenterprise project.  They are
> developing a multi-tier db independant ERP that is open-source.
> Details can be found at
> Stuart Quimby

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