Pythoniac: Thoughts on a hardware Python processor

Gustavo Cordova gcordova at
Thu Jun 27 18:44:42 EDT 2002

> Whoever asked if the Intel/AMD FP stack counted: nah - it's 
> not the primary mode of the CPU like it was on the HP 3000
> and the Forth chip. BTW, speaking of the Forth chip, I think
> Forth, Inc. is still offering the IP for that if anyone wants
> to burn a few hunderd k$ on new silicon.

If I recall correctly, Chuck Moore's still churning out
forth processors, with on-chip fast memory and hardware
stacks, really really cool stuff. I think there's more info
in the ColorForth site, or at least it points you in the
right direction.

> While I think that creating a Python chip is a great and 
> wonderful idea, I doubt it will or should happen:
> [... snip ...]
> For all these reasons and more, I think a good compiler with 
> a retargetable backend is a better expenditure of time/effort
> and would yield a result far faster then a silicon development effort.
> Dave LeBlanc
> Seattle, WA USA

That's what I meant!! This compiler you talk about should generate
Forth instead of the normal byte code. Hmmm... I think it's doable,
but I've yet to learn more forth.

Do you know any good resources? Online books? Good archives?



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