[ANN] cdrom catalog scripts

Anton Vredegoor anton at vredegoor.doge.nl
Sat Jun 22 15:06:03 EDT 2002

Name        : Cdrom catalog scripts.
Description : Some scripts to browse directories offline. Zip archives are
              treated as subdirectories.
Dependencies: Python distribution with idle
Tested      : On windows 2000 and 98 SE with python 2.2
Audience    : Hobby programmers with a low budget. For example I myself do
              a lot of archiving and backupping by packing files into a 
              zip archive and later on I burn these files onto a cdrom.
              There's a nice little tool called catfish to inspect 
              directory listings of cdroms but it doesn't look into 
              zipfiles. That's why I wrote this utility. Of course now 
              that its there there's no reason anymore for those 
              applications that do exactly this to hide themselves for me.
              That's another reason why I wrote this.
Warning     : This is just a first trial so don't be surprised if 
              something goes wrong. Use at your own risk, provide feedback
              to make it better.
Usage       : Just put a CD in the drive, run dirdict.py and point it to 
              the CD or any other drive or directory structure that needs
              to be stored. Have patience, it may take a while. The 
              program returns to ask for a place to store a file. Make
              sure the extension is ".zid". Then run ziptree.py to open
              the zidfile that was just created.

The cdromcatalog scripts are:

dirdict.py  : A utility to store a directory structure in a file with
              extension ".zid", Zip archives are treated as 
              subdirectories, but zipfiles inside zipfiles are not -yet-
ziptree.py  : A utility to view .zid files. It can be run without 
              arguments it will then ask for a filename to open, this file
              should be produced first by using dirdict.py. Alternatively
              it could be used with a file type association. The 
              commandline should then be something like this (adjust for
              the cdromcatalog directory):
              d:\python22\pythonw.exe f:\cdromcatalog\ziptree.py "%1"

License     : BSD style, use at your own risk. 
Contact     : For questions and comments I can be reached at 
              <anton at vredegoor.doge.nl>
Author      : Anton Vredegoor, july 2002
Download    : http://home.hccnet.nl/a.vredegoor/cdromcatalog/cdromcatalog.zip

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