Michael Hudson mwh at
Fri Jun 14 05:33:10 EDT 2002

huaiyu at (Huaiyu Zhu) writes:

> It's not that gross, but it only gives 14% speedup, though.

Oh yeah.  What you've done is kind of obvious...

> def filter2a(test, list):
>     l1 = []
>     l2 = []
>     funcs = [l1.append, l2.append]
>     map(lambda x: funcs[not test(x)](x), list)
>     return l1, l2
> BTW, what's the reason that using a list for funcs is faster than using a
> tuple (as observed under Python 2.2.1 on Linux)?

Look at BINARY_SUBSCR in ceval.c... list[int] is special-cased.


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