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George Hester hesterloli at
Wed Jun 19 09:42:58 EDT 2002

Well I know quite a lot about limits.  Nothing about Maple.  But the reason I
mentioned is that I hoped that my students would take an interest in the subject
and learn the concept.  They were not interested but they needed the credit to
graduate.  In my case I was not necessarily interested in learning Python.  But
I did want to determine my version of Python in ASP.  I suppose I was like my
students and ya'll were like the teacher.  Yes basically I wanted it handed to
me on a platter.  What I did with the platter may have surprised you.  So just
becasue somebody wants something handed to them on a platter does not mean the
contribution has less value.

George Hester
"Peter Hansen" <peter at> wrote in message
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> George Hester wrote:
> >
> > Yes my take on it was that you said "I needed to crawl before I walk."
> > don't hold my inference against me.
> That's precisely what I said.  Nothing derogatory about it, except
> in your own mind.  We /all/ need to crawl before we walk, in all
> things, unless we're lucky.  I was just reminding you of this
> fact of life.
> If I were attempting to learn limit calculus, and simultaneously
> apply it to a difficult problem while using Maple, and I knew
> nothing about Maple and little about limit calculus, you would
> be helping me if you said "crawl before you walk... just learn
> the basics of limit calculus before you try to figure out how
> to use Maple too".  I hope I would not be so sensitive as to
> take that the wrong way.
> -Peter
> P.S.: I know little about limit calculus, and nothing about
> Maple, so please forgive the above example if it combines
> the two infeasibly.... :)

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