mail-problem over t-online

Konrad Anton usenet at
Mon Jun 24 09:05:00 CEST 2002

Klaus Reinhardt <K.Rdt at TU-Berlin.DE> schrieb:
>Testing python and email I adapted this script:
>	host=smtplib.SMTP('')
>	host.sendmail(zwi_eck(From),zwi_eck(Tp),al)
>	host.quit
>This is working, when I'm directly connected to my
>old ISP TU-Berlin via ISDN. But the same is failing,
>when I'm connected at t-online via ADSL, with
>authentification required .. Providing my log and pass
>produces errors, too.

First, try if this also happens if you do the SMTP dialogue using

telnet 25
MAIL FROM: soundso at
RCPT TO: blabla at
Dies ist ein Test

    -- Konrad

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