filecmp.cmpfiles on directories

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Wed Jun 12 08:07:32 EDT 2002

Stormin wrote:

> I am trying to walk a directory structure and compare directories for 
> duplicates.  For some reason I get the filecmp to work on individual 
> files, but not on directories.

> example:
> dups=filecmp.cmpfiles("C:\comp1","c:\comp2",common)
> print dups,"||",common
> result:
> ([],[],[])||

For each filename in common, cmpfiles will compare the files
with that basename in the two directories. What you want
 x = filecmp.dircmp("C:\\comp1","c:\\comp2")
 print x.same_files
 print x.diff_files

which will figure out "common" and call cmpfiles for you.

-- Gordon

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