wxPlotCanvas documentation?

Michael Gilfix mgilfix at eecs.tufts.edu
Mon Jun 10 19:21:25 EDT 2002

On Mon, Jun 10 @ 23:10, thehaas at binary.net wrote:
> > 3. How do I find anything in the documentation?
> > My inability to find my wxButt in the wxDark with both
> > wxHands (with or without a wxFlashlight) is not
> > limited to PlotCanvas, so I'm hoping that the problem
> > is on my end.  The wxPython website, as far as I can
> > tell, only has one documentation link, and it's a link
> > to wxWindows, not the wxPython objects that wrapper
> > it.  There's a sample code section, but every last one
> > of the examples is marked "To Be Written When I Have
> > More Time."

  ^^^ This is very funny.

> I love wxPython, but the initial learning curve is quite steep.  Once you
> get past the very initial stage, though, it grows on you.

  I really agree with this statement. The initial learning curve is
a little high but then you become quite productive. My major problem
starting with wxPython is that the sizers didn't work quite the way I
expected. I suggest looking through the many tutorials about sizers
(after I bitched about them plenty, they actually went and wrote one
:) ). But if you have experience with autolayout mechanisms from
pygtk, throw them out the window before you start with wxPython and
that might help some. The wxPython ones just behave differently, and I
found that a little confusing at first.

  But once you get the hang of it, wxPython is great.

                    -- Mike

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