GOTO w/ Python?

Delaney, Timothy tdelaney at
Mon Jun 24 20:23:06 EDT 2002

> From: Daniel Fackrell [mailto:dfackrell at]
> After skimming the linked page to get a feel for the CAME 
> FROM statement, is
> it conceptually different from short procedures?  Does the 
> only difference
> lie in the fact that for compiled languages one of the 
> instances will be
> inline?  I do understand that it would have some effect on 
> variable scoping,
> but this can be easily handled in other ways.
> So what's the benefit that might outweigh the opacity of the 
> code created?

I hope you're not serious ... :)

COME FROM is a joke. Literally. It is a parody of GOTO whose only redeeming
feature is that it is not GOTO.

Tim Delaney

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